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Let's be equal.The earth, environment,water and me. Tomorrow is made from our genuine selves.Now, your day starts again.First, let's quench the thirst.
equal water bottle


After working on numerous product development projects, I came to wonder if the goal of simply selling a lot of things to a lot people is enough. It was somehow unsatisfying. Drinking water is essential for our lives, so it should be distributed to many people and can never be withheld. For that reason, I thought to develop a product that could reach people and touch their hearts, even among countless other brands of water. The idea led me to the launch of the =WATER®︎ project. During this time when people so often feel the distance between themselves and the products they want or need, I want =WATER®︎ to be water which is not just consumed, but also makes you aware of your own existence and make you want to keep it by your side. Like a message in a bottle floating on the ocean and drifting to the shore, I hope it will reach the people who need it.

Hitoshi Katsura

equal water bottle
equal water bottle


  • POINT01

    Spring water blessed by nature

    The base of Mt. Tanzawa in Kanagawa prefecture is covered by lush greenery with spectacular views of Mt. Fuji. =WATER®︎ is spring water from +100m underground in the Tanzawa water system. It is soft water and features a soft feel and pure taste. The Shasui waterfall, ranked among the 100 most famous, is located near our facility. =WATER®︎ is produced in a facility surrounded by a rich natural environment, which is essential to tasty water.

  • POINT02

    Security and Safety

    Our factory is ISO9001 and FSSC22000 certified, and has strict hygiene controls in each production process.
    We also earn our customers’ trust by providing safe, high-quality water through highly precise analysis equipment and a wide range of inspections.

  • POINT03

    Environmentally friendly

    Aluminum containers can be recycled more easily and use environmentally friendly materials. They can also protect the beverage form sunlight and expand its shelf life, reducing food waste.
    (*Data sourced from Japan Aluminum Can Recycling Association 2021)


equal water bottle

Reading books affects your choice of words and language. Your language and way of thinking change depending on what kind of books you read. And in my opinion, reading books and drinking water are similar. Your body and life change depending on what kind of water you drink. When you drink water, your body doesn’t say anything. Instead, water satisfies your thirsty and enriches your heart. You can face fresh yourself. Drinking water is also construing water. I put the idea into this poem. It is also a poem following “First, let’s quench your thirst.” (printed on front side).

Name of Tatsuya Kinoshita


Photo of Tatsuya Kinoshita Photo of Tatsuya Kinoshita
Books by Tatsuya Kinoshita

Tatsuya Kinoshita

Born in Yamaguchi prefecture in 1988, he is a poet currently living in Tokyo.
Author of “Whirlwind, Here It Is” “Someone Who Dislike You is Suck” “Tanka Collection for You” “All Around You” “Tanka Lesson for Mediocre by Genius” and co-authored tanka collection books. Appeared on many TV and radio programs including “Jonetsu Tairiku” aired by MBS Mainich broadcasting.


  • Brand name=WATER®︎(equalwater)

  • Serving490ml

  • PlantKanagawa Kankitsu Kako CO.,LTD.

  • SourcedYamakitamachi, Ashigarakamigun, Kanagawa

  • Distributedbyme, Inc.

  • Shelf life36 months

  • PriceOpen

  • Release dateSpring 2023

  • Hardness80mg/L

  • pH7.9

Water is from the earth and tasty water is from the blessed environment. Human bodies consist mostly of water. Yes, you equals water. So you care for both water and yourself. Contact with water makes your tomorrow.

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