We already have amazing case studies such as new brand launches of domestic food manufacturers and overseas companies’ expansion into Japanese market.
We can share our expertise tailored to domestic and international corporate brands in a wide range of industries and also contribute to local companies tapping into major cities.

Brand management

Proposing desired products and services based on your beliefs and growing a strong following of people.
Then becoming a brand which people want.
This is the sort of branding byme seeks to provide for its clients.
We offer a full-package branding service based for the life cycle of the brand, covering everything from creating a brand to market expansion, and further.
Let's create something great together!


equal water bottle
equal water logo

Our own conceptual spring water is produced and released by ourselves.
It is certainly there in the sea of many brands. This is one of self-expression by byme.

Launch of domestic corporate brand

Private label brands are rapidly increasing in the Japanese retail market. Manufacturers may find it difficult to launch their national brand products by themselves through market analysis. For such situations, byme works with a manufacturer as one team to support the launch of brands and find new opportunities.

Localization for overseas corporate brands

Brand development methods in their countries do not always work in Japan. byme prioritizes growth in the Japanese market, sometimes considers localization of brand management and supports their business development in Japan.

Supporting local production system of overseas corporate brands

When overseas brands tap into Japanese market, we make a triangle system of brand owner, Japanese manufacutrer and byme. If you have a problem with finding Japanese manufacturer, byme, as your agent, will look for manufacturers who can work with you and help to set up a production system in Japan.

Branding for local manufacturers

We go over products with great precision, fusing tradition and modernity from their core and suggest specific design and promotion ideas to touch people living in the modern era. Our support focuses not only on the present, but also future growth.

D2C business support

There are more and more attractive products and services in the world.
Even if a product is reaching the end of lifecycle, it can be changed into something else engaging many people again by shifting perspectives.
In D2C business, a brand can connect directly to customers and it makes expression possible, which may be impossible in many traditional distribution systems. byme designs brand products to excite customers and expands them through D2C.

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