byme's brand management service has broad coverage from product planning and market research to production, logistics, and promotion.
byme is your best one-stop service for cases which would generally need multiple suppliers.

Service scheme

Service scheme Service scheme


Brand Produce

Our brand management services include: (*sample case from the food industry)

◎Needs assessment survey: market and competitor analysis
◎Product concept and planning: proposing hypothesis based on analysis and making a concept
◎Product specification design: content design (flavor, texture, etc.)・Package presentation・cost design・Support for selecting process of material manufacturers
◎Package design: design instruction to sense changes in the market and provide maximized attractiveness of products
◎Production and logistics: support for highly efficient production and optimized logistics network
◎Sales: introducing distributors, retailers and stores, strategic pricing
◎PR / media strategy: attractive advertisements and promotion strategy with mass media, SNS and others


D2C business support

There are more and more attractive products and services in the world.
Even if a product is reaching the end of lifecycle, it can be changed into something else engaging many people again by shifting perspectives.
In D2C business, a brand can connect directly to customers and it makes expression possible, which may be impossible in many traditional distribution systems. byme designs brand products to excite customers and expands them through D2C.

Startup support

byme joins in business management of startup companies and supports them in multiple ways to improve brand value and business growth. Not as a supplier but as a partner who understands entrepreneurs and corporate management. We help make sure strategy aligns to goals and gets you where you need to go.

Reward form

Reward system: Service fee, revenue share, advisory contract, stock option, venture capital investment

For further information and inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us.